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Gilbert Gauthier is a craftsman and a fine art artist since 1981.

As a craftsman, Gilbert Gauthier produces mainly ceramic tiles and flower-pot holders. Each tile and flower-pot holder were initially carved by hand. The tile is produced thereafter by molding-pressing method. The flower-pot holder is produced by molding-pouring method. All of the items are in stoneware.

Since 2006, Gilbert Gauthier, began a fused glass tile production. All tiles are unique since no mould exist for their realization.

All the sculptures are uniques. Several are realized by moulding method in stoneware. Furthermore, some have been seen in the société Radio-Canada's TV show Un gars, une fille during fall 1998 and winter 1999 season. Gilbert Gauthier also carves stone and has bronze cast few sculptures.

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Update : February 20 2013